State Level Best Teacher Award all teacher list ss

ate Level Best Teacher Award - List of Teachers Receiving 2 - Best Teacher from various categories of public - Includes 3 teachers for 2 | The award is given by the State Government to the best performing teachers in the field of education. The list of the six teachers of the state has been declared for the year-1. 3 teachers from primary department, 4 teachers from secondary section, 5 teachers from higher secondary section, 4 teachers from secondary / higher secondary principal category, one education supervisor and H. Tat, c. R . C. , B. R . C, 5 teachers from Assistant Teacher Inspector category and 3 teachers from Special Teacher category together with Best Teacher Award from various categories. A list of 3 to 4 teachers has been announced. Ranked Primary Division Committee Selected Teachers for the Award -. 1. | Mr. Harshadkumar Tarshibhai Patel 2. | Shri Jignaben Krishna Kantbhai Saurashtra 3. | 

Shri Rajeshkumar Ramanikalal Teraiya Mr. Pritiben Trivandas Kotcha 5. | Shri Dilip Singh Pravin Singh Vihol. ) Shri Mahipal Singh Sajansingh Jaitawat 7. ) Shri Ramjibhai Nathabhai Weaver 8. | Mr. Niketaben Shashikant Vyas 9. Shri Juan Singh Gulab Singh Chauhan 10. Mr. Kaushikkumar Sakubhai sent 11. Shri Vijay Singh Raghavbhai Gohil 12. Mr. Kishore Kumar Jalmasinh Gohil 13. Shri Vishalkumar Pravinchandra Khatri North Central

"I-mark: This, Sh. / Circular / R-1 9 Tribal Wishara Aikari. 1 (Agri Mli). K, Sap / N, 'is' Tie-1, Sector-1, Gandhinagar Dt. Commissioner, Admiralik Vikas, State of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, Circular No. AI / ASHA No 1/1/2 to 6, dated 6/1/6, dated 7/1/6 Follow Recruitment of educational staff in your Ashram schools will be required by the District Level Selection Committee, subject to the terms of the resolution and in accordance with the prevailing rules of the Government. Fixed proposal / rollout involved Here (in four copies), the Principal and the Board of Directors including Sasikika are said to send the office in day-3 in. After completing the process of certifying the roster, ancillary work will be done on the recruitment process, which will be noted. Lynlyr Tribal Development Officer (Ashram Shala) Gandhinagar, From, All Presidents / Ministers Ashram School 7th, Bu. Ashram School A. Wed Ashram

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